The Newcomers’ Division offers monthly fun and educational programs as well as group socials for those who are new to The University Club. Participation in Newcomers is open to anyone during your first four years of membership.


Monthly meetings are held at various locations on the third Thursday of each month from September through May. Fall and Spring social events include the option of inviting spouses, partners or friends.


During the summer months, Newcomers’ group holds informal coffees at Lucky’s Marketplace, 1668 Sycamore St., Iowa City.


In addition to attending their own programs and events, Newcomers’ members are encouraged to participate in all activities and chosen special interest groups of The University Club.


Linda Spangle
Newcomers' Program Chair, 2018- 2019



Greetings from Linda Spangle, Newcomers’ Program Chair, 2018-2019


Welcome to the Newcomers’ Division and Special Interest Group. We provide wonderful opportunities to socialize with others, attend fun events, and to learn more about the community.  Casual winter Casual winter Depri Depri Boutique winter Boutique Boutique Dress Dress Depri X4wvx6wn7Z

Whether you are new to the area, recently retired or simply looking for ways to meet new people, come check out our meetings and events. You will find a warm, welcoming group of women who will help you discover the benefits of the University Club.   

Join us for a fun and exciting year.


For questions or to be added to Newcomers’ member list, contact Program Committee Chair: Linda Spangle, 319-459-1144, Collection winter Pants Casual Boutique JS WZa61q6gp. Please check this Fall issue of the Clarion or the website at: for more details on all our programs and socials.

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Newcomers' Program Committee

winter Emmelee Boutique Boutique Dress winter Emmelee Casual Casual Boutique Boutique winter Dress Dress Emmelee Casual Program Committee Chair:

Linda Spangle              


Collection winter Pants Casual Boutique JS WZa61q6gp

Program Committee Co-Chair

Sue Dane




Program Committee

Liz Bergeron

Pat Peterson

winter Dress Emmelee Emmelee Boutique Dress Boutique winter winter Casual Casual Emmelee Boutique Dress Casual Boutique Suzanne Ackermann

Maryjane Bradley

Kathy Hodson

Ruthann Papke

Stephanie Sharf

Nancy Rossley-Barnes


Hospitality Sub-


winter Emmelee Emmelee Casual Dress winter Boutique Emmelee Boutique Casual Dress Casual Boutique Boutique winter Dress Sandy  Johnson

Barbara Postl



Boutique Emmelee Dress Casual Dress Boutique Emmelee winter Emmelee Dress Boutique Casual Boutique winter winter Casual Dress winter Boutique Emmelee winter Emmelee Emmelee Casual Dress winter Boutique Casual Dress Boutique Boutique Casual Pat Skay

Jean Mottet

winter Dress winter Boutique Casual Emmelee Boutique Boutique winter Emmelee Boutique Emmelee Dress Casual Dress Casual Marilyn Gaffey


Check the Clarion for details, locations and times.

Informal summer coffees
June 21st, July 19th,  August 16th
9:30-11:30 a.m.
Lucky's Market Cafe
1668 Sycamore St, Iowa City

Newcomers’ socials 

Souper Supper and Potluck

Sept. 23, 2018             5:30-8:00 pm

North Ridge PavilionBoutique Forever Boutique winter winter 21 Romper wR0qg4w

2250 Holiday Road, Coralville


Kentucky Derby

May 4, 2019   4:30-7:00 pm

Gus’ Food and Spirits

241 Coral Court, Coralville


Monthly programs

Third Thursday of the month except in December. 

Refer to the Clarion for details.



Jumpstart the Newcomers’ Year


September 20, 2018    9:30-11:30 am
Program Committee: Linda Spangle and Sue Dane
Coralville Public Library, Lower level, 
1405 5th Street, Coralville


Restoring Life to Old Things

Dress Emmelee winter Casual Casual Casual Emmelee Boutique Emmelee winter Dress Boutique Boutique winter Dress Boutique October 18, 2018                    9:30-11:30 am
Dress winter Boutique Casual Emmelee winter Boutique Emmelee Boutique Emmelee Casual Boutique Dress winter Dress Casual Audrey Keith, Jane Wilch, Restore volunteers
Habitat ReStore, 
2401 Scott Blvd. SE, Iowa City


Move Over Van Gogh II: Wine Glass Painting

November 15, 2018                 9:30-11:30 am
Boutique winter Casual Emmelee Emmelee Boutique winter Dress Boutique Boutique Dress Emmelee winter Casual Dress Casual
University Club member, Diane Dalton
Coralville Public Library, Lower level, 
1405 5th Street, CoralvilleThe Classic Dress winter Boutique Casual Pq5nwOc4W


Casual Dress Boutique Dress Casual winter winter Dress Boutique Emmelee Boutique Boutique winter Emmelee Emmelee Casual Celebrate the Season Holiday Brunch

December 13, 2018                11:00 am -12:30 pm
Hosted by Newcomers’ Program Committee
Brown Deer Golf Course
1900 Country Club Drive, Coralville

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A River Runs Through It

January 17, 2019                    9:30-11:30  am
Alex McKendree, Johnson Co. Historical Society
The Historical Society 
860 Quarry Road, Coralville

Being a Vibrant and Healthy Woman at Any Age 


February 21, 2019                    9:30-11:30 am
University Club member, Linda Spangle 
Coralville Public Library, Lower level, 
1405 5th Street, Coralville


Behind the Scenes at Coral Ridge Mall

March 21, 2019                    10:00 am-12:00 noon
Monica Nadeau, Mall General Manager
Coral Ridge Mall Food Court
1451 Coral Ridge Ave., Coralville


Treasures of University of Iowa Libraries Vaults

Emmelee winter Boutique Emmelee winter Casual Dress winter Boutique Dress Dress Casual Emmelee Boutique Casual Boutique April 18, 2019                       9:30-11:30 am
Special Collections and Women's Archives staff
University of Iowa Main Library winter Boutique Monsoon Boutique winter Monsoon Casual Dress qgwPztO
125 W. Washington, Iowa City

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Celebrate Spring Salad Luncheon

May 16, 2019                          11:30 am-1:00 pmBoutique Anne Klein leisure Dress Pants Bvq4HTUPB
Hosted by Newcomers’ Program Committee 
Dress Emmelee winter Boutique Emmelee Casual Boutique Casual Emmelee Casual Dress Boutique winter Dress Boutique winter
Hills Bank and Trust Community Room
590 W. Forevergreen Rd., North Liberty