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The United Nations University disseminates its research and project-related activities through a mix of print and electronic media. UNU publications such as books, chapters in edited volumes, articles in peer-reviewed journals, policy briefs and working papers can be accessed through UNU Collections, the institution’s online publications repository.

UNU seeks to provide relevant information to the “right” audiences in the most useful forms. As such, UNU’s websites also provide a platform for research communication and expert commentary that spans a range of formats such as short-form articles, blog posts, videos and photo essays. This mixed media approach ensures that both specialist and non-specialist audiences have access to timely, relevant and easily understood research products.

UNU Collections

UNU's online publications repository


Short-form, research-based analysis and commentary

Our World Magazine

Expert views, research and reporting on contemporary affairs and global issues

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Policy Briefs

winter Boutique Cardigan Taylor Ann LOFT Concise research summaries and expert recommendations

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UNU Working Paper Series

Pre-publication research briefs, journal articles, book chapters and more

Working Paper Collection

University-wide working papers

Annual Reports

Overviews of UNU policy impact, research, events and resources

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